mimiMimi (Rev. Noemi Ioppolo) Is a Spiritual Counselor and Adviser, Medical Hypnosis Therapist, Master of the Tarot, a Medium, Channel of Mother Mary, Master Healer, Clairvoyant and Master Dowser. Founder and conduit of The Multidimensional Healing Modality since 2006, Medical Intuitive since since 1965, Akashik Records and Past Lives’ Readings, Master Soul and Spiritual Clearing, Pet Communicator, Energy Teacher and Practitioner, Student of Ageless Wisdom University, Hanna Kroger Practitioner, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Tapping Practitioner, Author and Spiritual Teacher, Visionary and Empowerment Speaker, Speaks fluent English and Spanish. Mimi is an International Radio Speaker. Excellent Communication with Spiritual Guidance for more the 30 years both here in the USA and abroad. A true Messenger for many with a great reputation and following serving Mesa, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New Jersey (USA), Canada, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, China, and Argentina for many years. Her words and wisdom can heal energetic and spiritual levels instantly. Specializing in relationships, career, inspirational, removing of blockages, entities, attachments, blessings, depression, habits, and balancing and connecting energy. This is great for clarity and calming. She works with very High Beings, Angels, Masters, Mother Mary, Saint Teresa, Edgar Cayce, Dr. Gandhy, E.T. Energy, Rudy Valentino, and more. Counseling and Long Distance Healing, Clearings Available. (Habla tu Idioma)

Mimi is a Real Inspiration for many. Former owner of Mystic and beyond, Spiritual Journey and The Energy Creation. Current owner of The Universal Touch.

The Universal Touch
534 E. University Drive.
Mesa, AZ 85203 480-835-5380


Mimi is available for private events, parties. fairs, corporation’s both in the United States and Internationally.