rev-franFran Morrison, a fun-loving Professional Intuitive (Psychic) in Arizona has provided fascinating individual & group readings for over 40 years. Rather than using tools such as tarot, she uses her own clairvoyant senses to read the energies of her clients. Knowledge received during sessions is always transmitted in a sensitive caring manner. Although Fran prefers to be in the presence of those for whom she reads, she has successfully done readings (in absentia) across the country (by e-mail or snail-mail), even as far away as the West Indies!

Fran also channels “Ephraim”, a group of Teachers in Spirit, offering their intensive guidance through group & individual sessions. Fran discovered the presence of “Ephraim” in the 1980’s. Session topics are endless and include: ‘Basics of the Universe’, Past Lives, Predictions for the New Year, Relationships, and even Medical Issues. Ephraim likes to say, “We help you find the KEY to unlock your own door.”

Along with her intuitive counseling and channeling events, Fran is also an energy Healer using a combination of Reiki (2nd degree), Focused Energy, & Therapeutic Touch (TT). She has successfully helped many individuals (both in person and long distance – using a healing surrogate) eliminate physical disharmony to become pain free and find renewed strength for more positive living.