Welcome To The Universal Touch

Our Center is a special place to come and feel and feed your soul. We have designed The Universal Touch to find the true Higher Self within each of us.

We hope to continue to achieve inner peace and fulfillment as we move along our path. We provide excellent classes as well as different modalities of healing sessions and counseling.

Our main purpose is to expand our Consciousness, helping us and others to assimilate more energy into our system, see more clearly and understand our problems, aspirations and needs. We can find a clear focus and strive to perfection for a perfect balance within our body, mind and spirit.We teach and learn to break barriers, blockages and obstacles keeping us from total freedom.

We are working at controlling our ego, helping Humanity and creating a new way of living, mastering our real destiny. Those who expand their consciousness are those who live with a sense of responsibility, spirit of cooperation and real virtues — leading to a healthier, happier and more prosperous life.

Light, Love and Power… Lets discover the real meaning of these words

Our Light Workers are Spiritual/Intuitive Counselors, available by appointment for individual guidance and/or classes and workshops. Please check our schedule of classes, and learn about our instructors and healing practitioners.