Multi-Dimensional Healing

High Vibrational Beings (Spirit Teachers, Guides, Doctors, Masters, Angels, ET’s) will scan the body and evaluate all aspects that make up a person’s life on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual, on all planes. During a session many issues will be balanced and brought into harmony with the purpose of the Higher Self. These include, but are not limited to, physical ailments, balancing, restoring and detoxing of organs, meridians, chakras, core issues, past life connections and carry-overs, family and ancestral history, DNA, limitations, boundaries, contracts, vows, promises, patterns, beliefs, “BS”, as well as opening and connecting or bringing into awareness Spiritual Gifts to the Inner Self. Many disease situations are caused by an accumulation of negative thoughts and emotions. These become blocks of energy that prevent the flow of Life Force. Over time those blocks will manifest into unbalanced and weak organ vibration, weak chakra and meridian energy on all soul bodies (physical, etheric, energetic, etc.)

What to Expect…

Energetic and etheric release is extremely beneficial on many levels. Difficult emotional situations and old, entrenched negative thought patterns that keep us from a balanced life can dissipate. Beliefs of fear, guilt and blame may also be released and healed.Every thought and feeling creates energy of a certain vibration within and around the body. Lower vibrations cause disharmony and lower the Life Force of the physical body. A Healing/Clearing session removes these low vibrational energies and releases old limiting patterns and behaviors. Energy and good health is increased. You may feel subtle energies working on you throughout the session.

What’s Next…

Once the clearing/balancing is complete, (which may take a few sessions), one experiences a sense of inner peace and wellness. There will be a sense of newness and establishment of a connection to the Inner Self will also be felt. Drink plenty of water and give yourself some time to get used to the new feelings within.

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